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March 19, 2020
5 Tips for Creating a Home Office/Study Space
5 Tips for Creating a Home Office/Study Space

Like many other Richmond-area families, we are now learning how to live, work, and play at home as we practice social distancing. The biggest learning curve for us so far has been figuring out the best way to “homeschool” (while also getting our own work done) and keep us all from climbing the walls.  

Here are a few tips we’ve found helpful for creating a work or study-at-home space:

Pick your space (and stay there)

Designating a specific location as “study space” can help brains switch into study-mode more easily. If you’re constantly switching up spaces, it will be harder to focus with new distractions to overcome. Be sure to consider potential distractions like foot traffic and noise levels when deciding on a location. If possible, let the kids be a part of the decision-making of choosing their study spots.

Make it comfortable 

Create a space that is comfortable enough to be productive, and keep kids motivated and focused. A proper desk chair (if available) can provide comfort and help maintain a healthy posture. While you may want to take advantage of being able to work in comfy clothing, you’ll want to encourage everyone to change out of pajamas before study time. This will give your mind another signal that it’s time to work/study, not lounge.

Light it up

Natural light is great for bringing warmth into a room, but be sure to pay attention to the sun’s position during the day – you don’t want light to shine in your eyes, or for the room to get too dim. Positioning lights behind you will help illuminate textbooks for reading. 

The sound of music

If you choose to have music playing while working/studying, you’ll want to choose ambient noise or instrumental music. This will help you to concentrate on your work, rather than song lyrics.

Remember to leave

Even if you’ve created the most inviting study environment, it’s important to walk away when work/school time is over. This will help to preserve its association with learning/work and help your brain to recharge.

Need some study or work-space design inspiration? Check out our gallery ofoffice spaces.

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