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January 12, 2012
8 Key Essentials for Every Kitchen
8 Key Essentials for Every Kitchen

When it comes to entertaining, no matter how inviting you make the rest of your New home, guests will always end up hanging out in the kitchen. So, when deciding how to design the room, make sure to include features that are both functional and create a space you and your guests will love. Here are 8 key essentials for every kitchen:

Double Ovens: Take advantage of the essential timesaving feature for the holidays. Cook the turkey in one oven, while baking or keeping side dishes warm in the other. Cuts down on time spent in the kitchen and having to schedule your recipes to correspond with temperature or cooking time.  

Fridge:The three-door fridge, also known as “French-style” is perfect for entertaining. It can easily accommodate large platters. Plus, having the freezer on the bottom, keeps fresh food at eye level and a comfortable arms reach. No more having to bend down to see what’s inside.

Pot filler: Save yourself from having to carry heavy pots filled with water from the sink to the stove by installing a pot filler.

High-Style Faucets: Come in a variety of styles and finishes by all your favorite brands.

Full-Extension Drawers and Deep Drawers: Never let guests see you sweat. Make it easy on yourself by installing full-extension drawers to allow easy in and out access to pots, pans, and all your cooking essentials. Also, designing a deep drawer right by your stove is perfect for grabbing large pots. You’ll be thankful for these simple upgrades every time.

Lighting: Make sure there is ample lighting over countertops and cooking areas. It’s important to make sure you can see what you’re doing while prepping food with potentially dangerous tools. Also, the proper lighting can add warmth and glow, giving your kitchen that inviting quality and overall ambiance.

Wine Cooler: Keep beverages and wine chilled at the perfect temperature.  Guests have easy access and can help themselves while you work. Plus, it frees up space in the refrigerator.

Double Dishwashers:After prepping, cooking, and devouring your delicious gourmet meal, you’re going to return to a mountain of dirty dishes. Having two dishwashers cuts down on the clean-up time and keeps you and your kitchen chaos-free. Want to disguise the added help? Turn your washer into a pullout cabinet drawer. 

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