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October 11, 2021
Meet Our Team: Lauren Oglesby, Design Assistant at CraftMaster Homes
Meet Our Team: Lauren Oglesby, Design Assistant at CraftMaster Homes

One of the most exciting parts of building a new home is choosing the features and finishes in your new home. Imagine being a part of making those choices for several homes? That’s exactly what our Design Assistant, Lauren Oglesby, does every day!

After years of searching for a career that blended her creative skills and desire to help people, Lauren found what she was looking for when she joined CraftMaster Homes. As a Design Assistant, she helps homebuyers choose the features and finishes that make their home truly unique. An empathic person, Lauren enjoys listening to each of our homeowners talk about their lives and dream about how they will use their home.

“I am inspired every day and love that every customer and home is different.”

Recently, Lauren took on the task of helping a family design their home in NewMarket Village at RounTrey. The family has a young daughter and wanted to design a space that would grow with her through the years. Lauren helped them to choose gold accents in the girl’s bathroom, plan for a chandelier that will be added to her room, and add special lighting to shine on a piano that will be placed in the alcove of their family room. Lauren also helped the family to choose the hardware and hanging fixtures in their new kitchen, guided them to add drawers for convenient access to cooking supplies, and extended the cooktop to make room for an extra burner for the family’s pancake tradition! Additionally, the family has a cat, and Lauren helped them to create extra space in their laundry room for their feline friend.

“I was truly grateful for their positivity, enthusiasm, and patience. Seeing their home, the place where they will raise their children and make family memories, was incredibly rewarding.”

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