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July 26, 2018
New Home Know How: Kitchen Islands
New Home Know How: Kitchen Islands

It's no secret that the island has become the focal point of the kitchen. Kitchen islands have been growing in size and scope as more are taking on multi-functions in the heart of our homes.  

The first floor of homes has become more open, serving as a large space for gathering, entertaining and everyday living.  The kitchen island is now becoming the major place for preparation and more and more of them include areas for seating.


Kitchen islands are being designed as counter-height extensions of the workspace in the heart of the home.   This works perfectly as additional seating for casual dining.  

Things to consider when designing your island are function, the size of your kitchen, whether you want appliances in your island - think sink and dishwasher, and the flow around the perimeter space.


Many islands are being designed with counter height seating, creating an eat-in space right where meals are being prepared.   Keep the size and shape of your island in proportion to your kitchen.  This helps it feel like a more natural part of the space.  Sinks and dishwashers are being located in the kitchen island.  Consider the placement of your other appliances as well, to keep the work space-efficient.   Space around the island from other areas whether it be perimeter cabinetry should be between 36 and 42 inches.  This helps keep the traffic flow open throughout the kitchen but work areas close at hand.  

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