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August 13, 2018
New Home Know How: To Tub or Not to Tub
New Home Know How: To Tub or Not to Tub

Many homeowners are in a fog about the owner's bathtub!  There are some in favor of going completely tub-less in a home, especially you aren't "bathers" or have young children at home.

Others feel strongly, to help your home hold re-sale value, to include at least one bathtub, usually in a secondary bathroom. Obviously, if you prefer a soak in a bubbly tub after a long day, we know what side you are on!  Lately, many homeowners have been choosing a slipper tub in place of a soaker, but the trend is beginning to move in favor of a larger shower in the owner's bathroom and many are skipping the tub completely.  

Before you make the decision on whether to scrap the tub or not, you'll need to consider your needs as a family and the market your home is in.  In a seller's market, you may be surprised what leverage you have!  

For more advice and considerations in your next bathroom, check out these articles on and see what people are saying about the master tub!  

Should You Keep Your Tub? 

Homeowners on Keeping - Or Ditching the Master Tub  


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