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December 30, 2017
Seasonal Maintenance: Take Steps to Prevent Frozen Pipes
Seasonal Maintenance: Take Steps to Prevent Frozen Pipes

When weekly forecast temperatures are below freezing for several days, it is a good idea to take steps to prevent frozen pipes in your home. 

  • Disconnect all garden hoses and turn off water to any exterior faucets.
  • Keep your garage doors down to protect pipes and water heaters from the cold.
  • Open cabinet doors at sinks to allow warmer air to circulate. This is especially important for plumbing on an exterior wall of your home.
  • Sinks and any bath plumbing on exterior walls are particular ones to leave on a slow drip over nights where temperatures dip into the teens and daily temps are below freezing.   

Read on for more suggestions to help protect your pipes from frigid temperatures.  


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